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About Us

By integrating classroom activities for 3-4 year olds within the Nursery setting, we aim to provide a learning experience, which is not only conducive to the Foundation stage of learning but which also begins to embrace the many and varied experiences our child will be facing upon reaching school. This in no way detracts from the everyday routine of Nursery. It merely complements it. The structure of a classroom environment enables the children to familiarise themselves with the daily organisation and movement within a class. It also increases their independence, as they learn to find and use resources themselves and facilitate some of their own learning.


We place a high degree of importance on the many and varied experiences that children bring to nursery from home and aim to incorporate these into our planning. It is essential that children feel safe, secure and confident. Nursery should be a fun, exciting and stimulating experience for every child. Alongside the home experience, Nursery is the foundation stone upon which each child's social, emotional, physical and intellectual development will be cemented. A child's self-confidence and self-esteem must not be damaged by overloading it with educational information. It must be relevant and provide a positive experience for them.


Within the classroom environment a variety of activities will take place alongside the core subjects, English, Maths and Science. There is a strong emphasis on the importance of ICT and children will be encouraged to learn to use the computer safely and effectively. There will also be opportunities for learning the basics of other European languages, such as French, to develop an awareness of the different languages reflected in our Nursery and immediate environment.


Our Nursery also aims to encourage and promote a positive, enthusiastic approach to all forms of literature, from poetry and rhymes to developing a core base of familiar and favourite books and stories. The introduction and use of topic books is also important to offer extra visual aids to learning. There is also a weekly one-to-one reading time with each child. This provides not only the time to develop pre-reading skills on a very informal basis, but is also an opportunity to develop the bond between your child and their key workers as well as a link between home and Nursery, through the progress book. For this purpose, the Oxford Reading Tree, widely used in primary schools, has been incorporated. It is highly effective as a scheme of books, which offers a simple language structure and strong visual cues. Children progress at their own pace and the pace is matched to their enthusiasm.


Alongside reading, children are given every opportunity to develop emergent writing skills, from making 'marks' as their 'writing' in role-play, to developing their free-writing as well as more structured handwriting and name-writing practise. We also look at letter recognition and writing skills. For this purpose, we have incorporated the use of 'Letterland' characters (alongside learning the actual letter names), as a great visual aid to remembering and recalling letters as well as helping with phonics. Parents can really work alongside us, by learning the Letterland names with their children.


All of these experiences provide a broadly-based and balanced curriculum to enable children to reach their full potential. The importance of a good partnership with parents is essential to complement what is happening in Nursery. We aim to keep parents informed of their child's progress and ensure that we are always approachable should they have any queries about any aspects of their child's education.


Educating children should be a partnership between parents, educators and the children themselves. This is what we aim to achieve.